Jul 6, 2009

Tea Party Blowout!

Tea parties erupted all over the United States on the 4th of July. Parks and streets were swarmed by tens of peoples. It's was incredibly underwhelming!




And they made their own signs!

Get it? He's a monkey! And he's going to take over the planet in the future, after mankind destroys itself. Wait. That kind of doesn't make sense. Fuck it! He's a monkey!


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by your ability to talk about these events without saying anything at all.

What strikes me about them is how peaceful they are. People in Britland are throwing stones through bankers' windows, while many Americans (tens? Please. There were 1,500 in the outliers of friggin' Pittsburgh) have now gathered twice to peacefully (but firmly) rebuke the administration's policies. That people can be so stern, and yet so unwaveringly peaceible, is stunning. And it's one hell of a contrast to protectionist college students and the like. This is how you protest: by not undermining your own legitimacy with stupid acts of violence.

But I know, I know, it's "comedy." Just the kind that doesn't make you laugh and kinda sounds like it thinks it might have a point and is, technically, just sarcasm. Good luck with that.

Dave Anthony said...

Yeah, sorry I didn't comment about how fucking stupid and shockingly racist most of these assholes are. Sorry there is a black president. Sorry you didn't have these protests when the last white president was increasing the deficit to never before seen numbers.

Kindly fuck off and take your ignorant bullshit somewhere else.

Bob said...

ooooo double burn.

I was gonna comment about this yesterday but I thought hanging back and watching the shit fly would be more appropriate.

But truly, there was no point in the "redneck" cross section of humanity getting out and protesting between 4 and 5 years ago. The economy wasn't effecting Nascar and hot dog production quite just yet.

Guess that's why all of those anarchist groups from San Francisco were put on DOJ blacklists, so the GOP supporters could get out there and really make a difference.