Jul 31, 2009

1/4 Of Republicans Are Officially Insane

I wish I could say I am surprised.
Among Republicans only 42% say Obama was born in the U.S., with 28% saying he was not, with a very high undecided number of 30%.
That makes 1/4 of Republicans shockingly stupid and another 1/3 too stupid to decide whether or not they are stupid (Which makes them stupid).

Oh, and 4 percent of Democrats are racist, too.
Among Democrats, the number is 93%-4%.
Yay America! Try not to accidentally eat your own shit.

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elaine said...

The demographic most likely to believe that birther nonsense is white, 60 or older, and from the South. But it has nothing to do with folks being deep down just pissed off that a black guy is in office.