Jun 26, 2009

They Won't Stop

Republicans are continuing with their policy of comparing non-horrible things with horrible things. Today it was Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia. He is apparently concerned about clean energy legislation.
GINGREY: Madam speaker, thank you. I rise in opposition to this rule and to the underlying legislation. I’m just not sure to which I’m more opposed. Americans are watching as from Iran to North Korea, the forces of darkness are attempting to silence the forces of democracy and freedom. The irony is on this day, the Democratic process and the nation’s economic freedom are under threat not by some rogue state, but in this very chamber in which we stand. Good people may disagree on the impact or the merits of this bill. But no one can disagree with the fact that the speaker and her rules committee have silenced the opposition.
Totally. There is very little difference between shooting people in the street, beating people to death, using starvation as a tool of control and trying to pass a bill to stop pollution.

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