Jun 4, 2009

Please Stop With This Treating Everyone Equal Nonsense

Obama gave a speech today in Egypt about the Middle East and the problems they are facing. He pretty much called out everyone on their bullshit. And that's a big no no, according to American dipshits.

Fleischer bluntly told [CBS's Mark] Knoller, “bottom line — the speech was balanced and that was what was wrong with it. American policy should not be balanced. It should side with those who fight terror.” [...]
Seriously, enough. We're America. We have been treating everyone differently for a couple of centuries.

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Anonymous said...

Uh, do you actually disagree with that quote -- the one that says we should "side with those who fight terror"? Because it's a pretty inarguable point: treating everyone the same, in some circumstances, implies that all behavior is equally valid. In many cases around the world, this clearly isn't the case. That's what's being said.

I don't think you really disagree with this. Hell, I doubt anyone does. Sadly, I think you'll have to limit yourself to making fun of things people actually say, rather than some caricature thereof.