Jun 25, 2009

Next Up: Voting Against a Round Earth

Who knew Arizona were the leaders of complete idiocy?
The state Senate voted Monday, 19-10, to bar the Department of Environmental Quality from enacting or enforcing any new rules designed to deal with climate change.

Senate Bill 1147 specifically would block the rules adopted by DEQ last year to set emission standards for new vehicles for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. That measure was pushed through by then-Gov. Janet Napolitano over the objections of automobile manufacturers.

It also would halt further work on any sort of "cap and trade" system of greenhouse gases, which would set new limits on emissions from industrial sources such as power plants. Electric utilities have been at the forefront of fighting this proposal, claiming higher costs.

The measure now goes to the Arizona House of Representatives for consideration.

Beyond words. Hopefully they don't start denying air, because it will also be difficult to stop with legislation.

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