May 1, 2009

I'll be Back

My wife is going to shoot a baby out of her vagina any day now, so I was taking some time off to get a script or two done.

But I'll be back, just not sure when.

Appreciate the comments.

Except for Josh's. That guy can fuck right off.


Jezcabelle said...

Best of health to them both, Just let us know when to start calling you Pops. And know that you are missed. And thanks for letting us know that you are returning.

b said...

hey congrats on the new human! Wanna know a bit of ironic trivia - he's sharing a bday with the quasi gf/assistant/is-isnt fiancee/mother of his child to the 'shocking asshole worst person youve ever worked with ever'. Here's hoping your son fares much better with his life choices.

Anonymous said...

Can I shoot something INTO your wife's vagina?