Feb 1, 2009

Micheal Phelps Is Human

Yep, there he is, getting high.

Nicely done, sir. I like him more now.


libhom said...

We must form a mob and stone him! We hypocrites must ban together and stop him from corrupting the youth of the nation! Don't make any excuses!

Hala said...

Stone him? I think he can take care of that well enough by himself.

Har har.

Doughboy said...

I'm going to challenge him to a race now, while he's stoned. And I'm in a speed boat. I think I stand a chance.

So, if athletes have out-of-competition drug tests every 3 months and marijuana stays in the system for 3 months (apparently) - isn't he likely to be in trouble and banned any time soon? But politically, that's not gonna happen is it?

CheMiRacconti said...

I thought he only drug tested when he's training, and anyways, it takes 45 days maximum for it to leave your system...and 3-4 days for someone who has a clean system to begin with (AKA probably him.) I can't believe how much people are flipping out about this. He also got caught driving drunk a while ago, which is a way bigger offense IMO.