Jan 13, 2009

Tennessee Republicans Get A Beat Down

Sometimes God doesn't like crazy religious nuts and he embarrasses them.

The Tennessee State House was all set to install there first Republican speaker in ages, when Democrats pulled a switcharoo. The crazy Republican actually brought his Bible to the vote, which he was going to be use in his swearing in ceremony. Instead, it was used to catch his tears.
AMAZING! Acting in a clandestine pact, the 49 Democrats in Tennessee’s House shocked Nashville just one hour ago by nominating and then voting en masse for Kent Williams (a moderate Republican from Elizabethton in Carter County) for Speaker to lead the 99-member chamber. The official Republican nominee, Jason Mumpower (a wingnut from Bristol in Sullivan County) was left speechless, clutching the family bible that he had brought in preparation for taking the Speaker’s oath of office. This is HUGE!
The R’s had promised bans on gay adoption and fostering, new concealed weapons laws, new constitutional limits on abortion, new anti-immigrant legislation, and mandating the teaching of “intelligent design” in public schools. Because the Tennessee House operates under a strict committee system and the Speaker appoints all committee chairs, though, it is unclear whether Republicans will be able to get any of these measures to the floor of the House.
I believe the kids call this pwned.

Sorry, Mumpower, but God didn't want you to run things this time. God doesn't like you.

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