Jan 12, 2009

Stronger Than Gay!

Ken Blackwell is the former governor of Ohio. He is famous for stealing the 2004 election for Bush and being a general douchebag. Now he wants to be the Republican National Committee chair, which means he is required to say many, many stupid things.

Example #1:

"I've never had to make the choice because I've never had the urge to be other than a heterosexual," Blackwell said, "but if in fact I had the urge to be something else I could have in fact suppressed that urge."

I understand, Ken. I've never had the urge to be a zombie, but if I did have the urge, I would suppress the shit out of it. I would totally not eat brains. Maybe kitties, but not brains.

Good luck with your eternal struggle against reality.

1 comment:

Todd said...

Ken Blackwell was Secretary of State, not Governor. I don't think he holds office at all currently.