Jan 19, 2009

Make It Not So

Holy shit.
Just three years ago the award-winning actor was fighting off female admirers - however he caused serious fears for his wellbeing as he made a made a disastrous hip-hop debut in Las Vegas at the weekend.

Sporting a scraggly beard, long hair and ripped trousers, Joaquin - who announced his retirement from acting in October - looked a state as he bobbed along the catwalk 'performing' three hip-hop tracks from his forthcoming album.

I just assumed it would be a shitty rock band, but this tool is going to go down in flames all my his lonesome, out on the stage, with just his words. Epic failure.

Look forward to the day you come crawling back to acting, Joaquin.

And, yes, there's a video in the link. I just couldn't bring myself to post it.

1 comment:

Kay said...

I would like to see his hip-hopping side by side with Corey Feldman's Michael Jacksoning. That's a video comparison for the ages.