Jan 6, 2009

Like A Classic Drunk, Bush Forgets Two Days Ago

I am one of those people who think Bush has been drinking long and steady throughout his presidency. He has seemed pretty on top of it throughout his "I'm not going to be president anymore" tour. He sort of flubbed today, however.

Two whole days ago Bush said his greatest domestic achievement was trying to privatize Social Security. That was a weird thing to say because it was a huge, epic failure. Most people wouldn't say an epic failure was their shining moment, but Bush is a tool, so it's not so surprising.
On domestic policy, Bush was asked if he made progress in some areas for which he hasn't and probably won't get credit. Topping his list was his unsuccessful drive in 2005 to reform Social Security. Bush said his effort showed it's politically safe to campaign on changing Social Security and then actually seek to change it.
But today, he said this.

THOMAS: And biggest do-over? Knowing everything you know now, what would you have done over again?

BUSH: I probably, in retrospect, should have pushed immigration reform right after the ‘04 election and not Social Security reform.

Dude, you should totally get together with yourself and get your story straight.

Seriously, he is a fucking moron.

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SEDER said...

even more reprehensible was his reply to the same question about biggest accomplishment was in his interview with Charlie Gibson. In that one, the "leader of the free world" said his biggest accomplishment was his 2004 reelection.. proving once again that GW's entire presidency boiled down to his being able to tell his father, "see, I'm not a drunk loser- I GOT A SECOND TERM!"