Jan 6, 2009

Chase Manhattan Decides To Anally Rape Me

So, I've been a Chase Credit Card holder for years. I've never missed a monthly payment and have a balance on my business card. Again, I've never missed a payment. Ever.

So, how does Chase treat a good customer after they receive their government bailout? How about doubling my monthly payment?

When I inquired about this sudden change, I received a form letter...
We consistently review our business practices to ensure that we provide valued services and remain competitive in the business. As noted in your Cardmember Agreement, we may change the terms associated with your account and will notify you of the change in writing in accordance with applicable law.
Oh, so you fuck up and I have to suffer for your ineptitude? Good to know you got your bailout money and are using it to help kill the economy. I don't think that's why all you big banks got the cash.
Our records indicate that a Change in Terms notice was sent to you in November 2008, which advised of the addition of an Account Service Fee and a change to the required minimum payment for your account, effective as of your January 2009 billing statement.
OH! Hey, thanks for answering a different question. I didn't ask if you informed me, I asked "why?"
Please note that the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your account is not changing and you may continue to take advantage of the promotional APR currently in effect on your account.
OH! I can increase my balance! How awesome is that?!!?
We realize how hectic life can be and we would like to help you simplify your life with the convenience of Paperless Statements.
Sure, why not try to sell something to a disgruntled customer after you just rammed your fist into his ass? Actually, I use both paperless and paper statements. I think that's better in case I ever have an IRS audit. But that's just me, thinking wisely. And let's be honest, you just want to cut down on your overhead. At this point, I just want to cause you pain, so it's not going to happen.

Look, I can totally handle the increase. My balance isn't that high, so it's not a big increase. That's not the point. The point is many people can't and the banks were given money to loosen credit up. This would be the opposite. This will mean people have less money to spend and the economy will get worse.

I consider this to be a very bad sign of things to come.

I can't wait to receive a form letter response to my last message:
Consider me a very dissatisfied customer. But continue taking government money, running your business into the ground and punishing good customers for your blatant ineptitude.
Good times.

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Slack said...

Well, they jacked my rate up six points the same way. Nice folks.