Jan 2, 2009

Army Going With Arthritis

We seem to be running out of young, healthy soldiers, so it's time to bring in the old folks!
A veteran who has been out of the military for 15 years and recently received his AARP card was stunned when he received notice he will be deployed to Iraq.

The last time Paul Bandel, 50, saw combat was in the early 1990s during the Gulf War.
Dust off your dying pants, grandpa. Literally. Grandpa.
The veteran is dusting off his old uniforms and torn between his duty to his country and obligations as a grandfather.
I'm sure he'll have a lot to talk about with his fellow soldiers.
Involuntary recall allows the military, regardless of age or how long someone has been out of service, to order vets back into active duty.
Fuckin' A. Grab your adult diapers and hit the sand, bitch.
The last missile system the veteran was trained to operate is no longer used by the military.
Well, at least we had missiles back then.

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libhom said...

Yet, the corporate media say that army recruiting is going so well.