Dec 30, 2008

Republicans Throw Support Behind Negro Song Giver

Republicans have decided to continue their descent into total unimportance. Before Christmas, Republican National Committee chairman candidate Chip Saltsman sent out a fun Christmas CD. It contained a bunch of hilarious songs from "conservative satirist Paul Shanklin." Wow, I am salivating. When I hear the words "conservative" and "satirist" together I shit my pants in anticipation.

One of the songs on the album was "Barack the Magic Negro" sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon." Get it? He took the word "Puff" and replaced it with "Barack." Then he took the word "Dragon" and replaced it with "Negro." Oh, fuck that is good. I've never seen a shitty guitar comic do something like that on a shitty road gig, ever. Never happens. Oh, and "I'm Sitting On The Cock Cause I'm Gay" is a brilliant version of "I'm Sitting On The Dock of the Bay" if you ever get a chance to here a guitar comic. I think they all do that one. But remember, Shanklin is a "satirist."

Anyhoo, Chip Saltsman took a lot of heat for giving out the CD with the Negro song on it. But now Repubicans are circling the nooses around their boy.
“When I heard about the story, I had to figure out what was going on for myself,” said Mark Ellis, the chairman of the Maine Republican Party. “When I found out what this was about I had to ask, ‘Boy, what’s the big deal here?’ because there wasn’t any.”
Word up.
Alabama Republican Committeeman Paul Reynolds said the fact the Saltsman sent him a CD with the song on it “didn’t bother me one bit.”

“Chip probably could have thought it through a bit more, but he was doing everyone a favor by giving us a gift,” he said. “This is just people looking for something to make an issue of.”
“I don’t think he intended it as any kind of racial slur. I think he intended it as a humor gift,” Oklahoma GOP Committeewoman Carolyn McClarty added. “I think it was innocently done by Chip.”
Yes. It just sort of contained the word NEGRO, you stupid fucking asshole.

The Republicans will soon only represent the south. And South Boston.

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