Dec 18, 2008

Obama Opens His First Can Of Asshole

Obama decided on a great plan to show how non-partisan he is, by shoving his boot in the face of the gay community. He asked Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the inaugurual invocation. Rick Warren was one of the leaders heading the charge for Prop 8. He's a class A douchebag, much like the thankfully dead Jerry Falwel.

Now Obama's getting all kinds of gay heat and Warren has responded with a great story about why he is not a gay hater.
Q: Your position has raised the specter that you are homophobic.

WARREN: Hahahah!

Q: Are you homophobic?

WARREN: Of course not. I have always treated them with respect. When they come and wanna talk to me, I talk to ‘em. When the protesters came, we served them water and donuts.
Bro, I gave gay people water and donuts. How in the fuck can I be a homophobe?


☆Susan☆ said...

Everyone knows nothing goes better with a doughnut than water. *wrinkles nose*

Josh Olson said...

If you were as hip as you pretend to be, you'd know that "serving water and donuts" is a euphemism for a sexual act that's wildly popular in gay bath houses.