Dec 23, 2008

New Yorkers Want To Go Full On Stupid

New Yorkers want a princess to be their Senator
Another poll out today shows that Caroline Kennedy remains the favorite for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, but at the same time there is serious division about whether she should get it.

The new numbers from Quinnipiac: Among all registered voters in New York, 33% say Gov. David Paterson should name Kennedy to the seat, edging out state Atty. Gen. Andrew Cuomo at 29%. Among Democrats only, it's Kennedy 41% to Cuomo 27%. On top of that, New Yorkers expect that Kennedy will get the seat by a 48%-25%.
Her daddy was awesome!
On the other hand, the poll isn't all good news for her: Only 40% of respondents said she is qualified to be a U.S. Senator, with 41% saying she is not.
Well, she can just buy the 41%.

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