Nov 4, 2008

Reverse Intimidation Alert!

This is horrible. Reverse intimidation is being reported by Fox News. People actually have the nerve to intimidate the intimidators. What happened to this country?

BOLTON: There’s kind of a reverse intimidation going on. People who go and try to be poll watchers and keep fraudulently registered people from voting. They’re being told they’re intimidating minorities; it’s a form of political incorrectness.

Really, voting is an act of civic responsibility and making sure that only legitimate people votes is a very important aspect of this. Yet many Republican poll watchers, we’ve already heard, are being intimidated in their own right.

Now it's "political correctness" to not intimidate black people who are trying to vote. Man, we sure have a lot of "politically correct" laws on the books, as well as an entire division at the Justice Department devoted to being "politically correct."

What until the reverse reverse intimidation starts.


Rudin said...
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Anonymous said...

So minorities are not legitimate people?

Obama/Biden said...

These Fox News scum bags make me sick. Where do these bastards get off with this crap?

I'm very pleased to hear about this so called "reverse intimidation." It's about damn time I say.