Nov 8, 2008

Next Best Thing?

Well, I know when I go out looking to sexually assault someone it can kind of go off track.
Police arrested a LaGrange County man on charges he abducted a 29-year-old Amish man and sexually assaulted him, reportedly because the assailant could not find an Amish girl.
Um. That's a very bad excuse.

The attack allegedly occurred shortly before midnight April 26 after the assailant found the man riding his bicycle on a rural road near Topeka, about 35 miles northwest of Fort Wayne. Bailey tackled the victim, forced him at knifepoint into Bailey's car, drove to a secluded area and sexually assaulted him, the LaGrange County Sheriff's Department said.

The victim told investigators that Bailey told him he had been looking for an Amish girl, but the man would have to do.

Oh. Now that he explained it, it makes sense.

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