Nov 6, 2008

Greatest Hobo-Homo Confusion in The History of Mankind

There is a show on the G4 network called, "Attack of the Show." Yesterday, Attack covered a CNN interview with the Naked Cowboy about the election. Obviously, a news network interviewing a naked anybody about the election is pathetic and the writers on the show decided to point that out. Host Chris Hardwick remarked, "I saw a hobo taking a dump into a discarded jack-o-lantern, maybe HE has some insight into the election."

The next morning, the show received an email from an upset viewer.
This may not be the exact address I need to use so hopefully this email can be forwarded. Just wanted to state that a comment made last evening (11-4-08) by one of those male hosts on Attack Of The Show was quite offensive. He made a comment about "a homo taking a dump in a pumpkin". In a time when we can finally start putting some prejudices aside by electing an african american president, we still have to hear homophobic comments being made. I bet if he would have said the n word taking a dump, it would be dealt with swiftly. Let's hope G4 can teach it's staff to be a little more PC.

Now A Former Viewer

Personally, I usually see around 30 homos taking dumps in pumpkins after Halloween, but I live in West Hollywood. Wait, I meant hobos.

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the Awakened Cafe said...

What gets a groan from me is the fact that this person probably doesn't email Fox News with the same kind of complaints...

Yep - Attack of the Show, top-notch reporting there.