Nov 17, 2008

Bush Gets His Anti-Abortion On

Expect George Bush to attempt to destroy all that is left of our country over the next two months. Today he tried to help out those poor, oppressed Christians who don't want to have anything to do with abortions.
A last-minute Bush administration plan to grant sweeping new protections to health care providers who oppose abortion and other procedures on religious or moral grounds has provoked a torrent of objections, including a strenuous protest from the government agency that enforces job discrimination laws.

The proposed rule would prohibit recipients of federal money from discriminating against doctors, nurses and other health care workers who refuse to perform or to assist in the performance of abortions or sterilization procedures because of their “religious beliefs or moral convictions.”

It would also prevent hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and drugstores from requiring employees with religious or moral objections to “assist in the performance of any part of a health service program or research activity” financed by the Department of Health and Human Services.
He's saving babies! Yay!

I guess the good news is that everything he attempts to do goes horribly wrong. I expect this move to somehow kill millions of fetuses.

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