Nov 5, 2008

After Shitting On Us, Mormons Now Want To Be Pals

The Mormons are clearly a bunch of fucking assholes. Today, after doing everything they could to defeat California Proposition 8, they announced we should all be buddies.
Now that California voters have outlawed same-sex marriage, an LDS Church leader called Wednesday for members to heal any rifts caused by the emotional campaign by treating each other with "civility, with respect and with love."
Cool, but I show my love by urinating on people's faces.

"We hope that every one would treat each that way no matter which side of this issue they were on," said Elder L. Whitney Clayton, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Presidency of the Seventy.
Well, since you are hateful bigots, that's going to be a little difficult.

Seriously, go fuck yourselves.


TheGigaShadow said...

I wonder how that press release would have read had they lost.

I second your motion. Fuck 'em.

sanjay said...
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Anonymous said...

Because marriage is supposed to be a union between a man and seven women, right?

I third that motion. Fuck 'em. Aren't they happy enough to have their own state & all those gold-crusted buildings?!

Inferno Silver said...

was real, real disappointed to see this thing pass, even though I'm not in CA. just a real big fan of anything related to civil rights. so, I'll enthusiastically 4th the motion put forth - Fuck 'em...

DA Deletes Dissent said...

"The Mormons are clearly a bunch of fucking assholes."

Don't stop there. You know what other assholes I hate? Blacks. They broke 70-30 for Prop 8. What should we do to them? Urinate on their faces? Let's start with president-elect Barack Obama, who's said repeatedly he's against gay marriage. "But wait, he spoke out against Prop 8." But he's black, get it? He's black. And black = hateful bigot. Mormon = hateful bigot. Catholic = hateful bigot. Senior citizen = hateful bigot.

Nothing says "Bigotry is wrong" like these posts -- posts that take the actions of a relative few and project them onto an entire race/denomination.

Yeah, Mormon leadership encouraged their members to support Prop 8. And some responded. And that sucks. But some didn't. Some publicly protested, some persuaded other Mormons to vote "No," others simply voted against the proposition. These are people who still self-identify as Mormons, but sharply dissented from their church on this issue.

They're not "a bunch of fucking assholes." Clearly.

TheGigaShadow said...

The Mormons were a bunch of fucking assholes before this incident. This just solidified it.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I agree with the post by "DA Deletes Dissent," but this statement does anger me quite a bit. This is no excuse for hatred and stereotype, but it's still just plain ridiculous.

We all know, as TheGigaShadow mentioned, that the statement would have read differently had Proposition 8 not made it through. It would have mourned the death of traditional marriage and called for support to "continue the fight."

So how am I, as a member of the homosexual "community" who does in fact want to be married some day, to take this kind of statement? We're not going to act like nothing happened after being denied rights that we deserve. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly mistaken.

I think the appropriate response, then, is this. To all those who voted "yes" on or otherwise supported Proposition 8 because your church, Mormon or not, believes that you can mandate who can and can't get married, please take this church leader's words and shove them ever so firmly up your ass. I promise it's a lot more enjoyable than you might think.