Oct 3, 2008

Time To Ask Jesus For Help

After the Female George Bush's pathetic performance last night, we only have one hope to get her sweet ass into the house that is near the White House: Prayer. Let's pray this shit out of this motherfucker.
Many people are excited about the thought of having a strong believer like Sarah Palin in office but how many of us can say that we pray for her daily? This website is dedicated to doing just that. Whoever would like to make a commitment to pray for Sarah Palin can go to www.prayforsarahpalin.com and enter their zip code. A marker will automatically be placed on the prayer coverage map, which can be viewed live in Google maps. There are approximately 43,000 zip codes in the United States. Our goal is to have people praying for Sarah Palin in every zip code. I believe prayer changes things.

Do it. Before it's too late and Satan is living in the house next to the White House.


Roy said...

No "Socialest"!

Karen said...

The prayer site gives a 404 error. Priceless.