Oct 25, 2008

Please Don't Put Things In My Ass

NYC cops really know how to kill a buzz.
A gang of rogue cops clobbered a Brooklyn man they saw smoking a joint, then sodomized him with a walkie-talkie antenna during a broad-daylight attack in a subway station, law-enforcement sources and the victim's lawyer said yesterday.
Well, that will stop anyone from smoking pot. Or going outside.
In the Louima case, the victim was black, the attackers white. In this case, Mineo is white and the officers are black, Hispanic and white.
So, there is a bit of progress.

But law-enforcement sources told a different story to The Post - specifically noting that at least one witness reported seeing Mineo's exposed buttocks as cops held him down. A co-worker at the Jiggaman tattoo parlor on Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn said Mineo had been released from the hospital, but was in pain and did not appear to be improving.

"He's getting pale," said Keasha Brown, 25. "He's looking sick. Those people are dangerous. It makes me sick."

Ass pale. That's wrong.

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