Oct 29, 2008

Our Future War With Pakistan: Update

Well, this is exciting. Official meetings in which someone says, "Please stop bombing us."
Pakistan's government summoned the U.S. ambassador today to urge an immediate halt to missile strikes on suspected militant hide-outs near the Afghan border.

However, the increasing frequency of the strikes has strained America's seven-year alliance with Pakistan, where rising violence is exacerbating economic problems that threaten the nuclear-armed Islamic republic's stability.

Having called in U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson today, "a strong protest was lodged on the continued missile attacks by U.S. drones inside Pakistani territory," a Foreign Ministry statement said.

The attacks have led to the loss of "precious lives and property" and "undermine public support for the government's counterterrorism policies," the statement said.

"It was emphasized that such attacks were a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and should be stopped immediately," it said.
Seriously, stop bombing us. It's not helpful. Seriously. Don't.

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