Oct 28, 2008

Not Good For The Plane Crasher

John "Plane Crash" McCain won't be too pleased to hear early voting news.
There are three states in which early voting has already exceeded its totals from 2004. These are Georgia, where early voting is already at 180 percent of its 2004 total, Louisiana (169 percent), and North Carolina (129 percent).
Uh oh. Black people are voting in massive numbers. MASSIVE. Understand that none of the polls have accounted for this.
The African-American population share is the key determinant of early voting behavior. In states where there are a lot of black voters, early voting is way, way up. In states with fewer African-Americans, the rates of early voting are relatively normal.

This works at the county level too. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Cleveland), which about 30 percent black, twice as many people have already voted early as in all of 2004. In Franklin County (Columbus), which is about 18 percent black and also has tons of students, early voting is already about 3x its 2004 total.
It's going to be a blowout.

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