Oct 23, 2008

Lou Dobbs Turns Into A Giant Anus

Lou Dobbs is an amazing douchebag. He does a show that's all about the "War on the Middle Class." Which is weird, because I haven't seen rich people driving around suburbia, cutting the heads off housewives and shooting people on their lawns. But that is apparently what Lou sees.

Lou also sees brown people everywhere and if Lou knows anything, it's that brown people don't belong here. Now he's mad at the ACLU, because the ACLU protects the Constitution. It's kind of in the name. The ACLU has begun a campaign against a "Constitution-free zone" that has been created "100 miles from all US borders." Apparently the Department of Homeland Security claims the right to search and detain individuals without the "reasonable cause" required by the Fourth Amendment.

Boo! Fuck you, people fighting for our Constitutional rights!
"What is the point of what they're suggesting?" Dobbs asked. "They want the borders wide open. They want amnesty for illegal aliens. And they want the drug war to continue to be decided in favor of the drug traffickers."
Hmmm. No, actually. They didn't come close to any of those positions. Only a cranky old asshole, who found a fear niche on television, would come to those conclusions.
"There is no legal recourse for an American citizen against the ACLU, is there?" Dobbs concluded, laughing. "Isn't that unconstitutional?"
Oh, you silly goose stepping goose. You do have fun, don't you?

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