Oct 10, 2008

John McCain: Bad At Counting, Too

Look, I realize counting is hard. Many times I have tried to count all the way to that crazy number 100, but have been thwarted by the sheer size of the task. Apparently, Johnny is just like me. Yesterday, he posted a list of 100 economists who believe “Barack Obama’s economic proposals are wrong for the American economy.”

Unfortunately, there are only 90 on the list. The list that says, "100" at the top. That one. Oh, and 11 of the 90 are McCain advisers.

Let's agree to pick a president who can count to 100. I think the rest of the world would be encouraged if we did so.

Around here we call this "Epic Fail." Or, "Epic Fa."


neonprimetime said...
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TheGigaShadow said...

The ACORN voter fraud thing is total bullshit. It's just the Repubs trying to make something out of nothing and draw attention away from the economic crisis and McCain's failure of a campaign.

Our host sums it up nicely here:

However, fair is fair so, get to know Palin.

So now, who's pallin' around with the terrorits?