Oct 10, 2008

I Have Selected A Mortal Enemy

Check out this fucking moron.

He has an "Ayers-Obama Media Primer," which is really important and should help get to DOW back up to 10,000 and fix the health care situation.

He is apparently out on the trail with Palin, where he has decided to "Watch the Watchers." He's keeping an eye on the press! Someone's gotta do it!

He introduces us to "Obama's Friends. America's Enemies," but not "Obama's Enemies. America's Friends." Why not? Why so secretive.

He explains how Barack Obama is a socialist, which is exciting.

It's really a cornucopia of stupidity. I recommend checking it out, as this is what we are in store for over the next four years. Remember Clinton? Yeah, the tards are back.

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