Oct 12, 2008

Green Light Bulbs Will Kill You!

Oh my God! This is devastating news. You know those energy saving light bulbs everyone is so big on? Well, they are DANGEROUS.

Energy saving light bulbs can emit levels of ultraviolet radiation sufficient to damage the skin, the Government's public health safety watchdog warned.

The agency issued what it described as "precautionary advice" yesterday after measuring levels of UV light emitted by the bulbs at the request of patient groups. They have complained that they aggravate light-sensitive conditions such as the blood disease lupus, eczema and porphyria, which together affect tens of thousands of patients across the UK.

Wow. Scary stuff. What can we do to avoid this horror?

The research showed that one in five of the "open" bulbs emitted UV light equivalent to that experienced on "a sunny day in summer" when in very close proximity (less than one inch) to the skin, which warranted "some precaution". When the light was moved further away, beyond one foot, the UV level was below the exposure on a sunny day in winter and was "not a concern".

Oh, so don't stand within an inch of a light bulb. Noted. I'm going to have to change how I live my life extensively, but can do.

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