Oct 10, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Can See Colorless People

Bil O'Reilly has a pretty impressive skill. O'Reilly was discussing the term "Joe Six Pack" with Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill yesterday when he unveiled it.

HILL: What I’m saying is that when people think of Joe six pack, when — the immediate image that comes to your mind is not a black man. It is often a white man.

O’REILLY: The immediate image - no, the immediate image that comes to my mind is a guy of no color with a six pack of Bud. No color.

Not that I have trouble imagining things, but isn't a colorless dude translucent? That's pretty fucked up. Hill had a nice response.
HILL: You might be the only person in the galaxy who is able to imagine a raceless human being
Wow. Bill O'Reilly has evolved beyond everyone. Who would have thought?

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