Oct 2, 2008

Best Politician Ever

I love rash judgements in politicians. But more than rash judgements, I love drunk rash judgements. And more than drunk rash judgements, I love Canadian drunk rash judgements.

New Democratic Party lawmaker Cheri DiNovo had a Labor Day barbecue for the staff. But three members of her staff didn't show up. Cheri then started drinking and made the ultimate mistake: Drunk emailing. She kind of fired three people in a " wine-fueled e-mail message."
She tried to re-hire them, blaming the previous night's e-mail on "drinking too heavily," according to the article.
Hey, I think I know why those three staffers didn't want to go to the barbecue.
Asked on Wednesday whether the report was accurate, Ms. DiNovo would only answer: "This is an inner personnel matter. We're talking about disgruntled staff, and of course the story is problematic at least. I mean I was just laughing about it when I saw it in Inside Queen's Park."

"Let's just say it's a labour negotiation," she added. "Let's just put it that way. And we'll end it there, OK?"
Good luck with that. The three staff members have filed grievances.

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