Oct 1, 2008

Barack Obama is Race Hustling!

I don't even know what "race hustling" is, but some right wing tool has introduced it in an op-ed in The Bulletin - and I LOVE IT! The Bulletin, as many of you already know, is a "family newspaper."
Sen. Barack Obama continues to prove he wants to engage in class warfare, socialist income redistribution, and race hustling at home, and appeasement, retreat and defeat abroad.
Please, tell me more about "race hustling," I am interested.
He started by saying he has a strange name, that he doesn't look like other presidents on our currency, and then, he adds, by the way he is black.
Wow. What an asshole this Obama guy is. He should have obviously hidden the fact that he was black from the public.
For example, the governor of New York claims that by referring to him as a "community organizer" they have adopted a code word for blacks.
Right? I mean, that other black politician called Obama a black code work. Community organizer has no other meaning and since no one actually uses the term "black," secret code words are needed. That's some serious "race hustling."

I'll be the first to say it. Herb Denenberg is speaking the truth.

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