Oct 24, 2008

Barack Obama Has "Great Teeth"

The Republicans should just shut their pie holes. Every time one goes on TV and opens their hate vent, some horrible thing comes out. While I was just watching Hardball moments ago, Duncan Hunter explained that Barack Obama is impressive because, "He has nice teeth."

Oh, Jesus. He then followed up by saying, "He is also a good debater and very eloquent."

Yes, Obama is an "elequent black man with great teeth." By the way, "great teeth" is what they used to say about slaves on the trading block.
Hunter: Listen, McCain’s..all campaigns have many, many dimensions, but in John McCain, going after, for example, Joe Biden, talking about the major crisis Joe Biden says Barack Obama will face, the national security crisis. John McCain came right back at him and said he hasn’t been tested. I think John’s is wrong in that case. I think he has been tested. He was tested on Iraq. Here’s a guy with great teeth, great speaking style, excellent politician, and a superb debater, but when it came to the major issue of his time, can we win or lose in Iraq, he was wrong, John McCain was right.
Amazing racists.

Update. Video. There is a horrible beep at the beginning.


Anonymous said...

After watching this live and picking my jaw up off the floor, I took a page from Michelle Bachmann and vented my outrage here:


Mike Lumpkin (http://www.lumpkinforcongress.com/) is a decorated former Navy Seal commander with 21 years of service to his country. Duncan Hunter is retiring so he’s running for Duncan’s old seat in CA-52 against… ta-dah! The Son of Duncan Hunter.

It may not be entirely fair to hold the son accountable for the sins of father, but I’m going out on a limb and guessing the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Ridley said...

Duncan D. Hunter - son of the retiring Duncan Hunter - served as a Marine and is a veteran of the Iraq War.

So yes, with regards to military service, Hunter the Younger hasn't fallen far from the tree.

DA said...

Thanks Ridley, I'll stick that in my "who gives a shit" file.