Sep 23, 2008

Thing That Jerry Falwell Made With His Sperm Is Not Helping

Oh my God. There is a Jerry Falwell, Jr. That fat, creepy son of a bitch put his penis inside of a woman and moved it around until baby juice came out. Then it found an egg - and, well, you can probably figure out the rest. Baby Jerry Falwell.

Now Jerry Jr. is trying to swing the state of Virginia to McCain.
The chancellor of Liberty University has an ambitious plan to get the 10,500 students at the evangelical Christian college registered to vote in Virginia, a swing state that could be crucial to victory in the presidential election.

The key, according to Jerry Falwell Jr., is to register Liberty students in Lynchburg, home to the conservative college his late father founded in 1971.

Two-thirds of Liberty students on campus are from out of state, according to the College Board. College students historically vote in small numbers, and some observers point to the hassles of voting absentee as one of the reasons.

Many Virginia elections are decided by margins smaller than Liberty's student population. In 2006, Republican George Allen lost his Senate seat to Democrat Jim Webb by about 9,300 votes.
I hate Jerry Falwell's sperm. A lot.

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