Sep 28, 2008

Denver Cops Are Awesomely Horrible

After beating and harassing protesters during the Democratic National Convention, Denver cops had some T-shirts made to commemorate their horribleness.

Denver's police union is facing criticism for printing a commemorative T-shirt that makes light of the use of violence by police, particularly in the wake of 154 arrests during the week of Democratic National Convention this past August.
Well done. You guys are heroes.


Anonymous said...

Denver was one of two cities I use to skate in as a kid.

As a rocky mountain native, this doesn't surprise me.

Secret: (any cop that wears this shirt has a small dick, can't ride a horse, was picked on in grade school, and is a horrible shot at the range).

Only the assholes in the Rocky Mountains would actually make a T-Shirt to brag about violating someone's rights in such a pathetic and one sided way.

And I wont even get into how "sloth" like the cop holding the billy club looks. At least one of these un-educated pigs (oh I mean police officers) should have complained about how horribly drawn the pig (oh I mean police officer) was.

Paintstain said...

After the '96 Dem convention in Chicago the police circulated a t-shirt that read "We kicked your father's ass in 1968. Now it's your turn."

My father has one. He was a reporter during the '68 convention and was in the park covering the protests.