Sep 26, 2008

Debate Pre-Chat

Many people have high expectations for a Obama crushing of McCain tonight, but I wouldn't get too excited. Debates are often decided ahead of time through people's expectations. When Bush debated Gore, people thought so little of Bush, that he was declared the victor of two debates because he did not shit himself on stage.

Expect the same out of tonight. Obama is not a great debater. He is okay. He is a tremendous speaker, but tends to hem and haw a bit too much during debates. He does not always speak clearly and concisely and is far from a word economist, which always wins the day.

The only real hope for Obama is that McCain looks old. If McCain comes across confused at any part during this debate, it's over. He knows how to speak simply and calmly and I think McCain will be shot up full of the closest thing we have to legal meth to keep him on his game. He will probably have a tough time with Jim Lehrer, who asks good questions and knows how to follow up.

But I would expect a draw at the end of the night - because of expectations.

Oh, and keep an eye on McCain's left eye. There is something weird going on. It's been drooping and closing at odd times. That's where his melanoma was, so some doctors have been expressing concern. If it is very visible, he's toast.

I will be watching the debate at an Al Franken fundraiser, so no comments until I am good and drunk afterward.

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