Sep 26, 2008

Bush And Republicans Are Monsters

While we are giving $700 billion to the rich, we should also block any help to the poor. That's called America.
The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a statement of administrative policy today recommending Bush veto a proposed second stimulus package. The $56.2 billion package, announced yesterday, would extend unemployment benefits for seven weeks, increas food stamp benefits by 10 percent, and provide $50 million for food banks, among other proposals. This afternoon, Senate conservatives successfully blocked the bill, as the motion to proceed won 52 votes, eight shy of the necessary 60.
Suck it, you poor fucks.
PERINO: There’s some elements of the package that have been put forward by Democrats that we do not think would be stimulative to the economy, such as unemployment insurance. The food stamps, we believe we have met the need.
Uh, "stimulate the economy?" That not why you give people unemployment insurance. You do that so they don't become homeless and commit crimes.

Now can we get back to giving rich people shitloads of money?

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TheGigaShadow said...

That Dana Perino is a first class cunt.