Sep 30, 2008

The Beck and Goldberg Hour!

Glenn Beck is the biggest idiot in television and radio. That is saying a lot, yet it is true. The man is a clown stuffed in a monkey stuffed in a retard. Today he had Jonah Goldberg on. You may know Jonah as the man who blamed Italian fascism on unions and whose mother taped Monica Lewinski's phone calls while pretending to be her friend. What you are about to read is a conversation between two men who are pure filth.

BECK: I can’t look at Barney Frank any more. I can’t take it.

GOLDBERG: I almost think he should be in jail! I almost think the guy should be in jail!

BECK: Oh I do too! I absolutely do. I think — honestly, I think we should have at least, bare minimum, we should have stockades in front of the Capitol building. Some of these people are out and out criminals on what they have done. […]

GOLDBERG: It is an incredibly poisonous situation. You know in the middle ages, Harry Reid would have his stomach cut open and a half-starved weasel thrown in, for the kinds of things he’s doing. It’s outrageous!

Ha! Yes! Kill the Majority Leader of the United States Senate! Weeeeeeeeee! And when you're done, maybe your mommy can convince someone to not wash a dress that has semen on it.

(Someone should note here that the Senate was not involved in yesterday's vote)

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