Aug 24, 2008

Conservatives Waiting For A More Hitlery Candidate

A conservative group called the Conservative Exodus Project has started a petition so people can declare their dislike of McCain. Apparently he's not conservative enough. Seriously. Mr. "no abortions for rape or incest" and "let's attack Iran" isn't conservative enough. They apparently would like a gentleman who is more like Hitler.
The Conservative Exodus Project has released another petition.

The Conservative Exodus Project is a group of traditionalist conservatives who, realizing that the GOP is moving too leftward, started a petition on March 3, 2007 to encourage conservatives to leave the GOP if a suitable presidential candidate is not chosen in 2008.

Anyone who thinks the GOP is moving too far leftward is either retarded or deluded. Republicans have become storm troopers. But, by all means, don't vote for McCain because he's a libural.

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