Jul 18, 2008

Holy Shit! McCain is Boring!

A poll revealed that Obama is more exciting than McCain. I'm not sure why anyone took this poll, because if you have eyes and ears it seems obvious. I guess for the few Helen Kellers out there this is shocking. Maybe the worst poll since, "Is cancer bad?"
A total of 38% of Mr Obama's supporters said the election was exciting, compared with 9% of Mr McCain's.

And 65% of Mr Obama's backers said they were hopeful about the campaign, double Mr McCain's, and the Democrat's supporters are also three times more likely to express pride.
I can't believe it.
By 2-to-1 or more, the 71-year-old Arizona senator's backers were more likely than Mr Obama's to say the campaign made them bored, angry and helpless.
Wait. Maybe it was worth it. "Helpless?" Ha ha ha ha ah.

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