Jul 24, 2008

Obama Lowers Miracle Threshold

First George Bush lowered the "Hero" threshold. Heroes are now people who are working when bad people attack buildings. And now Barack Obama has seriously dropped "miracle" down a few notches.

Barack Obama called Israel a "miracle" as he courted Jewish voters back home Wednesday...

Obama paid his respects to President Shimon Peres, and his role in Israel's history, before meeting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

"You have been deeply involved in this miracle that has blossomed and we are extraordinarily grateful not just as Americans but as world citizens for your outstanding service to your country," Obama told Peres.
I guess this also make the US a "miracle," which is pretty disappointing for miracles. This is George Bush speak. It is code to American evangelicals, which I find pretty disgusting. I'm kinda done with the evangelical code shit.

And I'm not sure if Obama can get his nose farther up the asshole of Israel, but it's fun to watch.

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