Jul 22, 2008

McCain Might Be OLD!

Wow. Some serious reporting is going down at Politico. They have actually gone ahead and written an entire article pondering whether or not John McCain is an old guy with a increasingly lame brain.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said “Iraq” on Monday when he apparently meant “Afghanistan”, adding to a string of mixed-up word choices that is giving ammunition to the opposition.

Just in the past three weeks, McCain has also mistaken "Somalia" for "Sudan," and even football’s Green Bay Packers for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
For some reason those are the only mistakes the article mentions. Gramps has made a shitload of "gaffes."
But McCain's mistakes raise a serious, if uncomfortable question: Are the gaffes the result of his age? And what could that mean in the Oval Office?
Well, Republicans love Reagan, who ran around the White House for years not knowing what the fuck was going on - so why would they care if McCain is slowly losing his shit? I'm looking forward to the many videos of McCain walking out of the White House in his PJs and being turned around by the Secret Service when he hits the lawn.

Oh, and great "reporting" by Politico. Also, the sky is blue and clowns are scary.

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