Jul 24, 2008

Idiot Thinks Making Petition is "Fascist."

Juan Williams has a hole in his head, just below his nose. Because of that, Williams seems to think any thought rambling around in his moronic skull should exit that hole. My God is he wrong.

Yesterday, Juan was on the Bill O'Reilly show. Bill is mad at MoveOn.org, as usual. In this instance, Bill is upset because MoveOn signed a petition created by Rap star Nas (no, it's not a joke). The petition calls for Fox News to “stop its racist smears against the Obamas and other Black Americans.” Usually racism is halted by petitions, so this is a quality move - and it has Bill and Juan upset. During his "I'll say anything to be on TV" rant, Juan let this gem out of that hole I referred to earlier:
WILLIAMS: I say what is the basis for your making this claim? It is fascist, Bill, fascist. They don’t want anybody to speak any word that differs from theirs. They have their own political agenda. And they’re using this to make FOX a whipping boy…

O’REILLY: Absolutely, absolutely.
Right. Juan totally nailed it. It's fascism. Most people don't know petitions are the most widely used tools of fascists. Who can forget the horrible petitions of Hitler?

"Sign if you no likey Jews."
Remember when Mussolini created that hideous petition against the gypsies?
"Sign if you want more racist smears against gypsies."
And General Franco -
"Please sign if you think totally Catalonia sucks.
It's nice to have people on the air who have such a solid grasp on things like fascism and its connection to the horrors of petitions.

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