Jul 9, 2008

Hero and The Douche

Hero and the Douche would obviously be a great name for a TV series, but in this case it's real life.


L.F. Eason III gave up the only job he'd ever had rather than lower a flag to honor former U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms.
Eason, a 29-year veteran of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, instructed his staff at a small Raleigh lab not to fly the U.S. or North Carolina flags at half mast Monday as called for in a directive to all state agencies by Gov. Mike Easley. When a superior ordered the lab to follow the order, Eason decided to retire rather than pay tribute to Helms.
After several hours' delay, one of Eason's employees hung the flags at half mast.
Nobody likes you, Douche. Nobody.

Nothing should be flown for Helms at half mast. Nothing. He was a vile, disgusting human being. A monster, if you will.



Denis Faye said...

I got a half mast for Jesse Helms right here!

Jason said...

Man, didn't you know everyone was just the nicest person ever, after they are dead...