Aug 11, 2010

Let It Wash Over You



Sean said...

Hey Dave ... not wanting to bust your arse or anything but I just spent an hour trying to track down the Weeks song "Bubble" (which you told me about on the libsyn forums)- and having just about given up in despair .... happened to listen just by chance to another of their songs "Buttons" ... guess what Dave? you guessed it - its the same freaking song!! Now - what are the chances that (1) The Weeks changed the name of the song ex post jsut to make sure that they really didn;t break the big time.... or (2) Dave mislead one of the only (from what i can tell on the libsyn forums anyway) 3 loyal listeners - and probably the only one from downunder .... One more chance Dave - that's all you get. [And please forward all future music-related requests to Mr Berehndt]



Dave Anthony said...

Aw. Fuck. So, sorry.